To reach our objectives, we organize different activities always putting the accent on the promotion of Tuareg culture in all its aspects.

Some examples of the activities we organize:

  • Organization of concerts featuring Tuareg bands and musicians.
  • Organization of encounters around Tuareg tea and traditional meals.
  • Organization of exhibitions featuring Tuareg artists or other African related artists.
  • Organization of conferences around the humanitarian and current situation of the Tuareg population of Azawad (Northern Mali).
  • Organization of films or documentary projections on the life and culture of the Tuaregs.
  • Exhibition and sale of Tuareg artifacts like silver jewelry and leather ware.
  • Participation at flea markets.

We are also looking for possible partners interested in offering us financial, logistical or any other form of support.
We are also looking for partners interested in co-organizing a project or cultural event with us. To see an overview of our past activities, click here.

Takrist is associated with the following organizations:

Takrist also endeavors to participate in project calls and competitions to find a financial support or partnership. We are proud of the following achievements:


This award will allow us to put in place a prevention campaign against malaria by distributing mosquito nets to populations of Ibalaghane. Implementation planned for the pre-summer of 2016.












  • Nominated for the Prize of the African Night ‘Nuit Africaine’ 2016